Guys, I don't know what to think about my situation? HELP?

My ex and I hang out sometimes (I mostly intiate it) but when we do hang out we act just like we did before we split up. He is more affectionate and caring now. So I think he likes me and maybe wants me back. I think I'm not that positive, I need help to determine that? Haha

So I'm confident when we hang out but then when we're not together he doesn't really talk to me or hang out with me much. Like I texted him tonight and he replied within a minute but then when I replied to his text he never replied. So then again my confidence in us goes down the tubes

I need opinions and suggestions please!!! ☺☺


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  • He wants to fuck you. I'd never just hang out with my ex's for any reason other than getting laid. As long as I thought there was any chance of getting a fuck i'd play the friend card whenever necessary.

    Go find yourself another guy and ignore your ex. Might be hard at first but when you step back from the situation take a look around and understand you do really have options you will be in a much better position.

    • He treats me more than a friend

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    • Because I've told you several times to ignore him and you are asking me if you should ignore him. That's not something that someone 25 years of age would ask.

    • Okay then

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  • First! Hehe

    • It's a bad idea to hangout with your ex, he'll act like that until you do get back together than it'll be the same Ol' shit

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    • There's only one way to find out, ask him

    • We'll he acts the way he did towards me before we split.

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