Guys, Am I wasting my time and getting my hopes up?

My ex acts like he did when we were still together. It has been months and we still hang out. Some people I asked even saids he likes me and wants me back. However, I am not so sure because he never texts or calls me just to talk and I initiate the hang outs. He just tells me when I'm there that he's glad I came (I have to ask but..). So this is why I have my doubts.

Oh and he compliments me every time I'm there.

Am I wasting my time on him and just having hope or does he really like me again and want me back? HELP I don't know what to think anymore 😐😐
Guy's your opinion please!!!


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  • Ok just hang out with him if you really like him... but just try ignoring him once in a while, to see if he is really interested.

    If he doesn't value or miss you, there is no further point of going behind... and in the meanwhile keep on look for better Mr right too

    • He always says he missed me bur then I have to ask.

    • What do you mean better?
      Isn't there something here?

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  • For him to be hanging around you and still complimenting you seem like he still care about you. I think the answer is for him to tell you after you ask him the question. Thats the only way you are going to find out the truth.

    • Yeah I know he still cares but does he like me Again OR WANT Me Back, THAT Is The Question? Like I said he acts like he did when we were together

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    • It won't hurt to try something different.

    • So leaving him alone?

  • you're wasting your time. he would text u back if he wasn't working or every moment he could if he wanted you back

    • He texts me back sometimes, usually within a moments time.

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    • Yea try that.
      Were you the reason y'all broke up?

    • @Travis yes :(

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