Why does my "ex" want to be friends so badly?

Basically, I met a guy on Tinder and we ended up dating for a little while, say two or three months? But we'd been messaging a lot for about a month beforehand. He didn't make it into his last year in college so he moved back home and isn't coming back next semester. I had a hard time accepting it but knew we may break up, and he eventually ended things. Although it hurts, I completely agree with his decision. He did say that he thinks we can still talk.

So I decided shortly after to cut him off, as I needed to heal. But I did cave and talk to him, which was when he essentially said 'we'd kinda agreed to be friends but kinda said we wouldn't talk for a while.' Which just to clarify, I never said but, whatever.

Now I've been riding the emotional rollercoaster and recently caved again, added him on social media and thought I could handle checking in on him. Big mistake, we started messagining back and forth for a good few days and I just had to tell him how it was. It was too soon for me, and I still have to the urge to hit on him. But he said again, he hopes we can come into contact again. After everything, why can't he let go the idea of us being friends?


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  • It seems as though he still has feelings for you.


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