Why does if feel like One thing after another after my breakup?

Ever since we've broke up my world has been falling apart. I went through deep depression causing me to pick back up old habits (smoking and drinking). My car started breaking Dow had to pay a lot of money to get it fixed. I have 60 days to move and haven't found a place to live yet, my boss is irritating the crap out of me, I got into a car accident today causing me more car repair costs and possibly high ins premiums, as well as my first ticket citation ever! I can't help but cry because I think to myself wow there was a time I could just call him up and he would be there to encourage me and support me. He always had a way of making me feel better. Just the sound of his voice could take this stress away! I miss him sooo much. It makes me sick because he was the one who left me!


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  • You're just having a run of bad luck. Do what you need to do to get past the breakup, only you know what that is. Allow yourself to be positive and available. Something/someone better will come along.

    • It's so hard to be positive but I am determined. I can't stay here.. I wish I could date and I want to, but the way I feel and the way things are going right now I'm afraid my luck won't bring the right guy!

    • That may be true, and you probably will date the wrong guy. But you don't have to settle for the first guy that comes along. You have the right to hold guys to a certain standard and if they don't meet that standard, don't go any further. Obviously, your previous relationship wasn't right for you. I know it's hard to be positive, but everyone does goes through rough patches.

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  • It happened to me, too... My live-in boyfriend broke up with me (in the worst possible way: he left for someone else, cheating and lying) and I had an incredible series of unfortunate events happening in my life! I lost my job, I had to move within a month to another state and lost all my friends and life, I got my first tickets (super $$$!! My car was towed and I forgot to pay the fine in time...), I gained weight, I got depressed... to name a few.
    Maybe I was just unlucky... But I also realized all this happened because I could not focus on anything else but him and our relationship. I was so much in pain, missed him so much, I could not stop picturing him with the other girl, I could not give an explanation to everything that had happened. I was so distracted. I could not care less of everything I used to love in my life.
    Give yourself time. Try not to obsess on him. Talk to family and friends. Force yourself to do things that distract you from ruminating on your past relationship. I know it's hard to rewire our brain and accept that it's over and we are single again, but we have to try!

    • Wow! Thank you so much! I will admit hearing your story helps me a lot! You went through a lot and the fact you still have a right mind helps me know this will all pass away! I am truly forcing myself more than ever to look at things positively.. Just yesterday I got up went to the gym, workout for 1hr 1/2, went to my sisters church to help out their youth event and as soon as I pulled out the lot I got into an accident! Just when I was getting my confidence back.. I'm just so tired! I'm not a smoker and I know I have the power to quit but everytime something stressful comes along I smoke a cigarette. It all started after the breakup, I'm so disappointed in myself!

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    • Yes, it will pass away. I can't tell you when, everyone heals at a different pace. But trust me, it's going to get better for sure. Time is the best remedy! My world imploded after I discovered what was going on with my ex... I could not believe it was happening! I felt so lonely (he was my everything!). And I cannot deny I went through really harsh times the following months. Ten months passed since, but I still think of my ex and cry sometimes... but I know one day I'll be fine again.
      Take your time to heal. And no, no, no! Don't throw your efforts to waste, watch your weight again. Yes, work out! Sports help a lot, they heal body and mind. And do not force yourself available. Dating someone when you are not yet ready would be a mistake for yourself and for the other person. Things will come naturally. Focus on yourself now, love yourself until you'll be ready to love someone else again.

    • You're so right! Great advice thanks so much! I hope things get even better for you. Sounds like you've come a long way.. Your story has helped me and I'm sure it will help others going forward!

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