Guys, could my ex honestly like me and want me back or am I just getting my hopes up?

My ex acts like he did when we were still together. It has been months and we still hang out. Some people I asked even saids he likes me and wants me back. However, I am not so sure because he never texts or calls me just to talk and I initiate the hang outs. He just tells me when I'm there that he's glad I came (I have to ask but..). So this is why I have my doubts.

Oh and he compliments me every time I'm there.

Am I wasting my time on him and just having hope or does he really like me again and want me back? HELP I don't know what to think anymore. :( :( :(


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  • seems like he does indeed... judgin by his behavior towards u. also r those people u asked yer friends or his? if they r yer friends then i guess u can trust 'em... don't u?

    anyway yeah... seems like u've got some chances wid him... so if u like him back as well give it a try :)

    • There people on gag so I don't know what to believe because he just doesn't contact me or answer me sometimes

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    • i see... so wot do u ask when u initiate?

    • To hang out or I just go over when I can't get a hold of him.

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