Some one please shed some light?

So my LDR came to an end last night. I'm not in a good way right now. He has suffers abuse at his father and has started to speak to me poorly these last few months which have caused arguments between us. I flew down to see him so he can say it to my face. it took an hour of me asking him before he could actually say it.
"You're beautiful and so innocent and pure, I've hurt you so many times and I hate myself for the way I treat you and I can't trust myself to not hurt you again and I don't want to hurt you anymore I want to end the relationship and just be friends" He was upset very much so which made me upset. We cuddled last night and had a final kiss and he said to me "please don't let this be the last time we see each other. I want to see you again come down for my birthday.." And stuff like this. another argument was that he takes to drugs and alcohol to feel better and while at parties does not want the accident of him cheating on me which could happen because he gets so drunk he can't do anything really but remembers all of it the next day. He said he would date me again if he "got over himself" and gave himself another chance.
I just need some help. I'm not coping very well here. I'm so confused.
Might also add that I spent all day with him yesterday.. Even though he had broken up with me via Facebook the day before. He kissed me and we had sex and he kept telling me how much he loves me but he hates himself and that he's hurt me so much. and I'll be seeing him again tomorrow before I fly home so we don't part on sad circumstances.


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  • Is this friends with benefits, or a relationship. Sounds like you're speaking a foreign language to me

    • It was a relationship that ended on Friday.. And officially to my face last night after spending the day together still doing BF/gf stuff... But now seems to be a friends with benefits... Type thing because we love each other and want each other and want to be together but can't because dating is not an option right now with the emotional problems he's having.. he says he would never be a friends with benefits.. But he's mine now.

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    • No hanging out or talking while sorts things out, he needs time to himself

    • Ok. I understand. I'll do it.

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  • How are you not coping well? He's telling you a romantic relationship in his state of mind isn't going to work so just stay in the friendzone.

    • We were in a romantic relationship and now we aren't. This is my problem! I was never in a friend zone.

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    • Maybe. But the whole way you said it was super harsh in my state. And no I wasn't talking about me. I just meant one day someone's blatant honesty is going to stuff someone right up.

    • No it wasn't but if that's what you think. The world needs to be more blatant in helpful truths, then the more inclined people are to get their shit together and we're all less likely to keep making the same failed mistakes.

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