Have I been civil towards my ex?

So we basically separated due to distance some time in October 2014 (more of his decision than mine) - and we've been trying to stay friends but kept falling back for each other. Eventually in March 2015, he initiated no contact and I've had no choice but to play along. He'd sometimes drop a message to say "hope you're OK", and then disappears again.

In my attempt to move on, I've ended up hooking up with a pretty hot Spanish guy. By late June 2015, my ex noticed about it and he finds a clever way to probe about this guy. During this time, my ex was just hot and cold. I just couldn't take it anymore as I still have feelings for my ex, at one point I played the victim card, and my ex ended up getting really annoyed (and also jealous, because I kinda did talked about it to his face) and it all turns messy from there.

There's no denying that:
(i) my ex is trying his best not to string me along
(ii) my ex is single

Having played that amount of drama last night, I woke up this morning thinking WTF did I do. So I sent an apology text, saying I'm not ready to be friends, wished him well and then deleted him from Facebook. He's ignored me - that's hurtful but within my expectations.

What do you think? Is this a civil way of dealing with the dramas I've created (accidentally)?


Most Helpful Guy

  • No. You sent him a message on fb and deleted him. You never even gave the guy a chance to respond when you know he probably stll likes you. That's actually pretty cold.

    • But it's been days and he obviously haven't texted?

    • I think you deleting him might have sent the wrong message. Then again, he should expect this because he was the one who started the 'no contact.' I guess he really is just getting what he has to get.

    • :/ Was pretty heartbroken to be ignored, but I guess if he really wants to come back it will happen sooner or later..

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What Guys Said 1

  • sure. he won't care.
    just forget about him and he will do the same to you.
    all is good

    • Hahah does that mean if I don't forget him he'll not forget me too? How ridiculous.

    • if you want to believe that...
      but not, he will forget about you either way
      and you will to.
      just how it works.

What Girls Said 1

  • Just honestly move on. He is playing a power game


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