How can I deal with a broken heart?

I am a submissive girl and have been for a long time well I have been with my dom a long time now and he is getting bored with me well its braking my heart.. I dont want to eat breath and i can't sleep what can i do to get over it?


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  • Well I just dumped my boyfriend today cuz we had some problems but i love him so much, I'm having a hard time too, what I do whenever i have a broken heart is...

    #1 Hang around friends or family more --> I don't feel alone becuz of that.
    #2 Workout --> helps me feel confident about myself and it makes me feel that I'm better off without him.
    #3 If your alone write about or think about why your relationship wasn't working out, look at the negatives --> It'll make you feel that you were right to do that, and you'd get over it sooner.
    #4 Do the things you really like but didn't do much of with your boyfriend, like for me watching scary movies till 1AM or something, or going shopping for hours --> Makes you feel that you weren't yourself in that relationship.

    there's a lot you can do, but give it some time and you can get over him and not have this heart break. I understand that its not the best feeling in the world but try to be happy just try not to think about him or the good things you guys did and I myself am trying to get over my boyfriend of 2 years and 8 months. Hope I helped :)


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  • Do cardio


    Breath deeply

    Forget about him

    Enjoy the experiance of heartbreak

    Hang out with friends


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