I am going through a painful breakup, any advice?

I broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years about a week ago, and it really sucks because there were no solid reasons to end it. She is super nice and funny, and would do anything for me. We were your sterotypical highschool sweethearts and we did everything together. We have a ton of mutual friends and do the same activities at school. She is beautiful and unique, but she has never been my kind of beauty if that makes any sense. She is more of the cute kind, and I like the classy kind. I know that beauty fades, but you still need an initial physical attraction. She was also clingy at times (which annoys the hell out of me) and we didn't feel the same way about each other. I'm looking for a more mature relationship, and ours was lacking the maturity. This was our first real relationship, but I've had to be the one to teach her everything because when it comes to basic romance she is completely oblivious (which was probably the largest problem). Even after I had taught her everything she was still clueless so I got sick of carrying the relationship, but now I miss her because we did everything together, and I can't stand to tell everyone that we broke up. We are a well known couple that everyone saw as a perfect relationship (which is stupid because it's highschool, but whatever). I will still have to see her all the time next school year so it will be even harder for both of us. The only thing that is helping is that I knew that we would probably have broken up after highschool because we are taking different paths in life and I am going into the Army so it would be long distance (which I hate). Any advice?


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  • Just move on from the relationship, clearly you weren't happy with it. Sounds like you two could fulfill each other as friends once you both recover from your relationship.

    • I hope so, but that's up to her. I'm her commander in JROTC so we have to get along anyways.

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  • Just don't contact her and in time things will turn out to be okay for you.


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  • Cut contact

    • I've already done that, she's pissed so she wouldn't talk to me anyways. I wasn't even able to explain anything to her

    • Remove any trace of her from your immidate sight, don't throw away pictures, just store them away, you need to basically detox from her

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