So what do I do if I really like this guy.. but?

he likes me some days and others he acts like I'm not alive... guys I need advise, how do get him all the time? what makes you really like someone?


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  • Just let him be remembered that you are there with him time by time.At one time he will realize and comes back to you for long time.



What Girls Said 1

  • I know I'm not a guy but I thought id give ya a little advice. Do you really want to be with a guy that treats you like that? act like your over it it doesn't bother you. That will make him think what's going on. if you see him at school or whatever say hi but don't act like your too intertested. Wouldn't you rather be with someone that knows your ALIVE all the time. Good luck

    • Yes, I would.

      but it really just isn't that easy for me to walk away after a year..

      I love him. :(

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