This girl says she likes me, but says that she would only hurt me?

A few days ago I discovered that the girl whom I'm crushing on, likes me back. However, she also told me that if I were to get any closer to her, I would get hurt. On top of that though, she said that she had wanted to hang out with me over the winter break (two week break). This confused me because she is saying that she doesn't want me to get close to her, but she still wants to hang out; which in my eyes is telling me that she wants to get closer, since we haven't actually hung out one on one before. She already filled me in on why I could get hurt (one of the reasons, the other she said she would only tell me if we hung out). She told me that she is leaving in a few months for two years.


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  • She just doesn't want you to get too close because she is leaving for quite awhile. She no doubt cares about you enough to tell you this, and she doesn't want to see you end up getting hurt when she does leave.


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  • I think that she liked you but didn't want to start something if she were leaving because it could not only hurt you but hurt her as well.

    If she is leaving maybe yall can be pen pal so she doesn't forget about you and yall can get back together when she comes back and if yall kept in touch it would let her see how much you like her


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