Is it cheating?

OK I have a boyfriend and I love him. There is this guy I text with. We flirt and just play around but that is all. I really do mean all I have never even shook his hand, I don't want him and we don't send pics we just talk and sometimes flirt and it's nice to hear that I look pretty. He has a girl and I have a guy I've told him that all this will ever been is a texting thing never meet or anything else. I don't want him would y'all say this is cheating?


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  • If I were your boyfriend, I'd consider it disrespectful, if not cheating, and I'd probably dump you. I'd say if you really "love" your boyfriend that you don't need validation from any other guy and you should stop. Or otherwise, leave your boyfriend or ask him if the two of you can have an "open" relationship. Best of luck.


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  • yes, it's a form of emotional cheating. you're going to someone else because the guy you're with isn't fulfilling one of your needs. talk to your boyfriend and remind him that it makes you feel good to be told you're pretty sometimes so hopefully you won't have to resort to some random guy to give you what you need

    • I have tried that is doesn't work I feel awful my bestfriends husband is the great I love them both dearly and he always says how beautiful I am every time I see them and my heart hurts because my guy never ever says anything like that to me. I get the same reaction with jeans and a pony tail as I do with hours work and a cute black dress

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    • No but I love him and I tell him how I feel and when he looks good. Sometimes I stop him just to get a kiss and he'll kiss me but then push me away and say ok not stop pestering me now. IT breaks my heart a little each time

    • I have no doubt that you do those things to him and I don't agree with the way your boyfriend is treating you, but the problem is that you have a pretty integral part of your relationship missing. what happens if the guy you're texting just stops talking to you one day? when you allow this behavior towards you to continue and you stick around, he realizes you'll stay regardless of what he does so I'm sure he feels like why should he even bother

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  • It doesn't sound like cheating- yet. You have to be careful because sometimes things just have a way of happening. A friendly exchange of flirting becomes more, as do the compliments and the convos. Then, it's on it's way to an emotional affair which is cheating in my book.

    As long as you keep it platonic, occasional friendly flirting and that's it then you should be okay. Just remember that you wouldn't want to do anything that will come back to haunt you or hurt your bf. Use your best judgment.

    • I never plan on meeting him and I don't want him that's why we don't send pics because I don't want to start something that can change into something else

    • Good choices.

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