Karma? who belives in it?

Me and my ex was together 3 and a half years, we was living together, engaged, and he brought my son up for 3 years as his own, we had only booked our wedding 2 weeks before he left. He left me and left me and devastated me, he was incrediably cruel towards me afterwards, doing most things to try hurt me, 5/6 weeks after he got a new girlfriend and was flaunting it everywhere on Facebook, which I later on found out is his ex from 2008, he's not once been in touch to even see how my heartbroken 5 year old is, we are both destroyed... do any of you believe in karma over this kind of thing?, or can you give me any good examples? ..


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  • oh wait sounds familiar, u must be this gal who's been left twice by 2 different guys right? :/

    as i told u before he really led u on... he pretended to be all-good when he actually didn't want to marry , and once u were one step before marriage he just dumped u.

    wot he's really doin now's even worse... he wants to make u feel like shit it seems by showin everywhere he's back wid his X. i believe he's usin her as well just in order to make u feel worse.

    anyway yeah... maybe one day he'll pay for wot he did... but wot can i say? never trust anyone...

    • He can't be serious about her surely? 😕

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    • didn't he show all over fb he's back wid his X?

    • Yeah he put in a relationship with her and pictures of him and her on a night out..

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  • I believe in karma. But it's not religious:

    It isn't magic, supernatural nor complicated.
    Some person hurting you is likely to
    *- hurt others
    *- be imprudent
    *- meet some mean opponent.
    Common sense says hances are one of those might catch up with him sooner or later.


  • I think that Karma is an excuse for bad things. So no it isn't

  • Yes. i do believe in Karma I'll share a story
    My neighbor would bully me and make fun of my last name
    cause it's a horrible German name i can't help it so years
    went by this girls little dog came down and got inside my yard
    went back to my big dog named Goldie was Boxer / Retriever mixed
    well if it wasn't for me her dog would of got killed so i saved her
    dogs life yes this is one hell of thing for Karma to come to someone
    but it happened well i saved her dog she thanked me but you see
    how things work i do believe in Karma and that is why i treat all
    people nice cause i have a sixth sense and I believe it can happen.

    • That makes very good sense to me!

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    • It is sad, I don't know how he managed to walk away without a second thought😣

    • Yes it is sad i see these moms with little babies and the dads walked away
      so sad and how can they lay their head down at night knowing what they did
      i know another woman her ex husband walked out when their little boy was age 3
      he even shut off all the utilities in his name and here he ended up getting a
      17 year old girl pregnant and he was age 27 but they all will get their Karma

  • Yes I do believe.


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