Should I say certain things in an old girlfriend's Christmas card I intend to send?

I broke up with a fantastic girl a year ago.(she initiated the breakup) I'm still crazy about her but we've not spoken since the break up .

A very bizarre thing has happened since then .Through some very strange circumstances I've gotten to know her 3 aunts, uncles and some of her cousins. They all think I'm a great guy , I even spent Thanksgiving with them though my ex spent her turkey day elsewhere.

I'd like to send her a Christmas card with a simple holiday wish ,do I mention my getting to know her extended family ?

I honestly don't know if she's aware of all this


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  • That much extended family? Sounds a little like Hawaii to me, extended family everywhere. I think you could probably just say something generic, so it doesn't look like you're trying really hard, but are still friendly, and maybe slip in that you met Aunt/Uncle [BLANK], but leave it at that, though making it a little comedic might help as well, just IMO

  • why the hell are you spending time with her family... How desperate can you get...

    Why send her the card... Trying too much..

    Its time to move on...


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