Guys, have you ever been not over your ex, but also no longer wanna be in a relationship with your ex?

Assuming there is no breach of trust and both parties haven't met anyone new.


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  • Yeah, I'm in that situation now. We were together for 3 years and be broke up like 5 weeks ago so I'm still not over her and never think I will. But I know she's not right for me so I don't want to go back into that same relationship knowing we don't agree on what a relationship is so it's best that we're no longer together but a pity I wasted all this time with her when I deserved better and I can't forget her

    • Sounds like a sticky situation isn't it.

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    • Ah, I wasn't alone in thinking so! It's like he doesn't wanna admit he has feelings, but just trying to be the bigger person when he obviously can't.

      And yea, some girls really do need space..

    • It's a shame when pride comes between love smh.

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