Have you ever gotten back together with an ex after the no contact rule was applied?

What if you broke up with him/her because your feelings changed for that person? Did you ever realize after a period of no contact that you were supposed to be with him/her?


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  • I was always the dumpee and they all wanted back eventually. But I stayed in contact with them. No contact is only good if you want to move on, but not on getting them back. If you are doing a no contact for sole purpose to bring him back, it's not gonna happen. No one falls for gambling mind games.

    • Well we just stopped talking after the break-up. I sent him one e-mail a couple days after and he responded with an e-mail. It's been a month and we haven't spoken. There hasn't been any games involved. We have both been providing each other with space. I guess my question is, with time do dumpers usually return after a period of not speaking to their ex?

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  • Sadly no...
    NC isn't great at bringing someone back but it is great for helping you move on and heal and realize how your ex probably isn't the right one for you anyway :)

  • yes but who initiated the no contact rule?

    • Sort of mutual, but I would say the dumpee.

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    • When he ended it with me he told me I could call him if I wanted to talk about things, but that he didn't want to see me. As much as I'd love to see him, I get the feeling that he's probably trying to move on...

    • so if you dont want him to, stop him. Some relationships can be salvaged... x

  • I have never been in that situation ever


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