Should I Forget About Him?

To cut it short. He left me waiting for 40 minutes on our first alone brunch because he was asleep and ran over, he is an amazingly sweet and extremely intelligent otherwise, but doesn't respond to my texts quickly. Does he dislike me or is he just inexperienced?


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  • I would say very disorganized and inexperienced. If he's really that sweet then I wouldn't say he dislikes you. Or else he wouldn't be so nice. Him not responding quickly and being 40 minutes late says that he is not very good with time management and tends to forget things easily. Don't worry, it's not you, it's him and he needs to get his act together a little bit.

    Now forgetting about him is another story. Is this lack of time management and disorganization turn you off completely? If you feel that it would really interfere with a potential relationship between you two, then I would forget about it. If you feel that it's something that you two could work out, then I would definitely go for it. Good luck!

    • Thanks, it doesn't turn me off, I just don't want to be chasing an uninterested guy. I'll go for it :)

    • Good! I also think that you need to confront him about his tardiness, especially if it becomes repetitive, and maybe causally ask him why he takes so long to answer a text message! It might be different cell phone carriers delaying the flow of messages because they're idiots, or it might just be that he doesn't feel the phone vibrate and doesn't realize he got the text message until he looks at his phone. I know I have those issues sometimes and my girlfriend gets pretty frustrated!

What Girls Said 1

  • Uh...just because he doesn't return your texts quickly enough? I think you should hold on him for just a little longer to see. Another date. If he's late once again, then you should move on. If he isn't, judge from there.


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