Why does me keep telling me about her?

So me and my ex are back together, only problem is his ex that he dated over 2 years ago called and texted him. He said that she told him her boyfriend dumped her and made her move out and she wanted money so she can get a plane ticket because she is 5 states away, but he said no. He brought it up again last week saying he hates when people text him and I asked him "everyone or specific people" and he said like exes. He then told me she texted him again. I feel kind of threatened because they went to highschool together and we're friends before dating. So they've known each other for 16 years.

Should i tell it bothers me? Because when my ex texted me he was pissed off and made me block my ex, and when I tell him I'm going out with a friend he asks "a guy friend"


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  • Guys--I SWEAR !! They think they can get away with things, yet they get mad and call a girl out when she does something similar. So sick of the double standard. (and the fact that most girls/women need more gonads!) Tell him to block her and have no more contact with her or you are done. And keep your word.

  • tell him it bothers you.


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