If she doesn't trust her husband why doesn't she just leave him?

This wife has been keeping tabs on her husband for a long time now put a tracking device on his car, looking through the phone bill at the number of text messages he has exchanged between a particular number, texting that number trying to get that person to admit who they are or telling them what they are doing is not right and they need to stop. I just don't understand why this wife is spending all this time trying to get proof that her husband is cheating on her it seems pointless. If she doesn't trust him she should just divorce him. Can anyone think of a reason why she keeps trying to find proof instead of just leaving him?


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  • Do they have kids together? Perhaps the repercussions of her leaving him are so big that she's scared to do so.
    I understand completely why she would need or want solid proof before making such a huge life decision.


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  • Unconditional love, Nothing more, Nothing Less... Till death do us part nothing will tear them apart. Not in her own eyes anyway.
    Some woman, some wives will go to Any Extent to get to the bottom of the truth and once they do, they then begin fighting to keep a bond with their Man... For better for worse.
    Even if He would be the one to ask for the divorce, she may still fight till the end, never to bend. This is the sort of woman who would Kill to keep him, rather than than hand him over to another hoe from Idaho.
    I have her number, she is not so hard To... Just understand.
    Good luck. xx

    • The part in the question where it said the wife text the number that belongs to the other woman and told her that what she is doing is not right and she needs to stop sounds like she is trying to get rid of the other woman.

    • No, not right but she is her own detective and in Doing this... she could be right as to the other woman is. xx

  • Because in reality she doesn't want to leave him, she's just paranoid and has little self confidence. She's not looking for an excuse to leave him... otherwise she would have left already... she's simply looking to prove her paranoia wrong, so she can feel better and more secure about herself

    • But if she finds proof that he is cheating then what?

    • My guess she hasn't quite thought that through. It's going to tear her to shreds and she'll be really upset but to insecure and naive to walk away from it. She'll stay, try to be a "good wife" and work on their relationship

    • Yeah I think you could be right. She has been putting hints on facebooks too indicating that he doesn't care.

  • She is really insicure she thinks that she's not good enough so why wouldn't her husband cheat, she might not want to divoce him because she is worried she might not find anyone else. Some advice I would give her is stop! she is being really creepy and this relationship is really unhealthy.

    • Wow well said thanks.

  • Um, my oldest daughter keeps tabs on her long term boyfriend. She told him she always will. It's just the way some women are. Smart women.


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