My ex girlfriend ran into me avoided me then awkwardly waved at me?

First time she approached then she parked her car next to mine knowing we get out of class same time. Then she cried. Then the third time it was really awkward. Her friend hated me told me I treated her like chit. She was walking to her car with her friend and she hide behind her friend the really awkwardly waved.. lmao. Just curious what she means by this. She dumped me..


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  • she feels awkward because she dumped you and then saw you...

    • yeah but she cried the time before that. then she's parking right next to me?

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  • Is she young? She feels awkward mate

    • 18 m8.

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    • At that age girls have a lot of emotions..
      My guess is she feels awkward about what happened, maybe even has slight doubt as all dumpers do. And feels bad for hurting your feelings.
      . A combo off all 3 is my guess, awkwardness being the main reason

    • Well her parents made it so she either runs off with my and my new career and never talks to her mom again.. loses her college ride. She distanced herself torwards the end. She seem really torn tho

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  • She probably regrets dumping you, or she feels really embarrassed to meet you after what she did. You guys should try talking. Communication fixes almost every issue, really.


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