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so i lost my first love two years ago to her baby daddy over some bs becuz i tried to have class and ask her out in person when i got back from ohio. well he proposed the lets complete our family bs and he texted me talking shit she begged n begged me not to respond and like a gentlemen i didn't. well... i had bought a necklace for Christmas while i was gone n after the shit tht went down she begged for it. so like an idiot i gave it to her... its been two years my buddy calls me and says hey did u give H a necklace and described it perfectly... why does a married woman still wear a neckalce i got her? should i message her and ask? im so confused... help!!! i loved this woman more than anything ever... i still devestated over her loss and yet its been years i need answers... i haven't slept well in 3 months over this what should i do?


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  • No, I don't think you should do anything about it, if she wears it means she likes it, and be happy with that and just carry on with your life, don't think too much about it.


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  • I guess approach her


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  • You're too young to worry about one girl. Take what you learned and move forward.


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