Guys, Why do boys let go of a girl really easy?

Why guys.. y'all let go realy easy. Some girls wonder this and i want to know why.


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  • Some do some don't. Instead of wondering why a guy would do this, ponder what about human nature allows us to give anything that should hold value up, gender plays no role in such an attitude.
    If comes down to not initially caring and finding what you had to be replaceable and the fact of the matter is, women act like this too...
    I myself don't'this move on do easily, but I've definitely attempted to be with a girl who treated me in such a fashion, and it hurt immeasurably.
    I can only assume that if you're asking this, that means you're feeling such a pain right now, and I am sorry for that.
    Eventually you'll find someone who values you as much as you value them, but first you'll need to find the value in yourself, to know not to let anyone into your life unless they deserve it.

    • Yhea but I don't know if he deserved it or not.
      I was the one who broked up whit him Cuz of the distance and he still says he loves me and he misses me but what he trying to say

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    • Okay... I get it now...
      What it sounds like is he wasn't that interested in you, maybe but he enjoyed the comfort of knowing he had someone and would rather have anyone, even you who he may not have been happy with then be Albert. A lot of times guys will also say this to old flames after the new one breaks their hearts, I know I did that once and felt awful.

    • Thanks.

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  • I don't think all guys are like that. It all depends on the reasons and situations also, sometimes despite the guy loving the girl, letting her go without fighting is the best choice for a guy.

  • If a guy's letting go of a girl easily, it means he doesn't like her. If a guy really liked a girl, he would NOT let her go really easily.

  • What do you know about that at 14? All them dudes ain't loyal cuz they looking for the next best thing they haven't experienced yet. Dont date for a couple years...

  • there's so many girls out there.

  • If a girl hows no interest and a guy doesn't let go he comes over as a sex obsessed creep.

    • Then it's much safer to move on than get a bad reputation among all persons she knows.

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