How long did it take you to fully move on from an ex?

People who were fully commited and involved in a a long term relationship.
Like 2 years plus.

I would have been in it for life.
It had been over a month now I feel a lot better but still think about it all often.
He was sending exchanging videos and photos of himself and sexting.
It keeps poping up in my mind all the deceipt and how cruel it was to tell me a couple of times he didn't know if he wanted the relationship saying he had done everything he could to make it work when in fact he was talking to several other women inappropriotly.

What's your story?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I was in one for three years, lived together for one year, said I love you ahd future plans for marrying and kids, all of it.

    I would say it took 6-8 months to stop being actively depressed and thinking of her. About 1.5-2 years to 100% over it, no regrets etc.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Its very hard to let go, when from your point of view, your relationship was great and sometimes its very hard to understand why the other person does what they do which ends in you being single again. I found it harder to let go the longer I was with that person and the kind of relationship I had but I found the faster you get back out there the easier it is to let go...

    • Yeah it was great to me and if he was in it 100% it could have been amazing, but the fact is he wasn't. He didn't know what he wanted. He was confusing himself also talking to these other people. I have got my head around why he would have done this to someone. Initially I forgave him but now I'm starting to feel angry over it.
      Particularly once when I asked him something he was rude saying a little trust wouldn't go a miss. When all that time he was lying and going behind my back.

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  • 10 years it sucks

    • Ouch, you fell hard for this person? How long were you with them, what was the relationship like and why did you break up?

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  • 6 years, he got another woman pregnant, we were married and i have been divorced a year and separated for 3. I am over him but still hurt by everything. i still miss him, but because we had that best friend bond, sometimes when something happens i want to tell him but can't... these things will always be with me. HOWEVER i dated a guy for 2.5 years and when we split i got over him really quickly.


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