How can I politely break up with a girl who was just my "friend" and got overly attached to me?

I met a girl who was on a work and travel holiday. Right from the start I told her that Im not interested in any kind of a relationship (short/long distance) and we agreed to be just "friends with benefits". Over time she got too attached to me and I hate that.
Last week she flew back home. She keeps texting me non stop. Yesterday she informed me that she misses me and wants to come back. She said that her parents agreed to pay for her flight tickets and stay.

She is a nice girl and I think she is cool but I don't want any kind of relationship.


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  • You are Obviously Not firm enough in being your own straw boss with her because she is Not Giving up on her own end.
    However, your Big mistake when she and you became "Friends with benefits" and it ended up that She lost her heart heart in San Francisco, you could say, is that when you Started seeing her pulling at your heart strings, you probably Continued this charade awhile longer.
    Put her on your pay no mind list if she continues to Not take "NO" for an answer. And should you both ever meet face to face again, keep it lite and semi sweet with no Big Treat on Anyone's end, my friend.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Well, you need to be up front about it and tell her that she needs to give you more space. That you're not looking for a relationship and that it seems like she's getting too attached. I would advise you to drop the whole friends with benefits thing and then distance yourself a bit from her. Simply don't answer her texts or calls if she keeps doing it, despite you telling her to stop.

    • This.. Grow a pair and just be completely honest with her

    • We both knew that she was going to go home at the end of July so it was just a quick summer fling. I told her straight up that I don't keep in touch with anyone over long distance. I thought it was going to end the moment she flew back home. Apparently not for her... Thanks!

    • Then tell her again that you don't want to keep in touch.

  • Tell her again and if she really doesn't get it just say look my girlfriend is back from holiday now so stop texting. And by the way this often happens with friends with benefits. Why would a girl sleep with someone she doesn't like...


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