Girls, no reason for break-up?

Hi girls,

I've been dating a girl I really like for a few weeks. All was going swimmingly until last week she just wanted to be friends. I accepted the situation as any man should but asked her why. She only replied that she needed to be alone and then started crying. I never got a solid reason from her. It seems weird to me in that I had literally given her the sun and moon and she drops me like a stone. It wasn't a problem in the bedroom either because we were very compatible and had great fun. I just feel somewhat shut out and I'll never know why.

Any guys out there that have had similar break-ups?


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  • There could be deep down secrets about this special girl who you would have given your life on a platter for here, dear, that she could not explain to you. And with this being said, with only a cry, not much hymning and hawing, she decided it Best... For Break-up.
    She may have been in a past relationship where it had ended up badly and she decided she didn't want to handle One at this time. She probably had a change of heart, however, not from the start, but being with you, all cozy and all, the writing on the wall and all, points to that she grew cold duck feet and wandered aimlessly back in her Secure Murky waters.
    Go slow with her for now. Go slow with her flow. Nurse and nurture a nice friendship for awhile. It may have even been going so fast at first that your overwhelming kindness of being this Prince Charming took her by surprise, and nearly made her fall off her white horse that you both were riding on so soon.
    Give her time and space. With a little patience and another chance, you both may one day head to romance.
    Good luck. xx

    • Well put... and thanks Paris... but to be honest it hurt when she dumped me but now I feel fine... I recover very quickly from these sort of things... I'm still disappointed but she once said to me that I was like a wall she couldn't climb.. and that I had something deep down that was inaccessible... it's been said to me by other girls aswell... I feel it myself and I am very hard to access.. and I guess that may have been the reason. I can be a great provider and very reliable I've been told but I'm often times a stone. It's strange that I even felt hurt when she dumped me... it's the first time I've felt like that and to me, that means she has something I seek in a lady..

    • Oh, so very welcome, and yes, if this is so, let time go for awhile and perhaps if you have found something in her that is special, friends is the way to go. And if she still is shutting you out, like I say, she may have issues that you don't need in your life. I find her crying a bit strange because you two just had met. xx

  • Lots of people do that.

    • I guess it's better than being ghosted... I'd just love to know why...

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