Am I overreacting?

My boyfriend and i were really close friends before we started dating. We did everything together and texted for hours. When we started to date, it was something too intense for 17 year-olds. We really loved eachother and we dated for 9 months. However, two months ago (when the summer break started) he had to go abroad for summer school. That is when he wanted to break up. Although we broke up, he texted me like crazy, kept telling me how cute and attractive i am. He said i can never find a girl like you, i love you and stuffs like that. But when the first week of the summer school ended, he started not to text me. He was online on whatsapp but didn't have the time to text me. I was really hurt i mean we were so close he just forgat me like that. But i didn't show him that i was hurt i never texted him. A month later he wanted to have a video call. I said i am not available. But the next day i accepted. He didn't say "i missed you, you are cute.." He only mentioned how he liked the summer school, the girls, sports that he played. He said he doesn't want to come back. I was really hurt when he said that. But i didn't show it. Instead i started to talk about some boys. Right after i start he said "anyway i need to sleep call you later." After one week he send a photo in snapchat with a girl. Then i replied "wow you need to tell me every details :D" after he saw my snap, he send a video call request. He said to the girl next to him "this girl is the prettiest girl you can even imagine, she is ten out of ten." Now i am very confused. Does he still love me? If he does why didn't he even miss me? Or does he only think that i am attractive?


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  • I think he still loves you, it seems to me that way from the post, but you shouldn't have mentioned about other guys, that must have hurt him for sure.

    • Yes i shouldn't have done that. But he talked about other girls too. That s why i did a stupid thing like this

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    • He doesn't worth it. I shouldn't even think about him. You are right. Thank you for all your advice :)

    • That's okay.

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  • I think he got jealous when you started talking about other dudes. Then both of you tried acting like you've moved on. I'm not too sure he was saying he liked the girls more than you though. It could be that he was just telling you how everything was going good where he was and that it's there not that he doesn't still like you.

    Just one point I need clarification on though. When he sent that last snapchat "this girl is the prettiest girl you can even imagine, she is ten out of ten." was he talking about you?

    If he was then I guess you could ask him how he feels.

    • Yes he was talking about me thats why i was really confused. One day he says i am pretty. But he keeps saying that he doesn't want to come back. It means he didn't miss me

    • Then just ask him how he feels.

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  • You played a very silly game didn't you? By mentioning other guys (irrelevant of the mentioning of the girls) you started a jealousy war which will now tear you to pieces unless you stop it immediately.

    He was saying about girls because he's a boy, not because he was interested... Learn this now as its valuable. A man will ALWAYS be on the lookout even if he has a supermodel on his arm. Why? Simply because he's male!!

    So that being said, he wants you, you want him but you cannot do anything until he returns. The fact is, he will return... Things seem great right now but they will not be the same once the new shine has worn off and people are not hanging around for the summer...

    Stop playing games, and not just you but him too... Be honest with each other and enjoy a relationship when he comes back Let him have his freedom for now, its one way to guarantee he will be yours without wanting to sample other women.

    Finally, girls in pics with him are not always because they like him or he likes them... Maybe they are friends and nothing more... Remember that when a guy meets a girl, she has to like him too for something to happen and thats if she's single to begin with! lots of factors actually mean these pics can be harmless. Just reply with 'nice pic' or something breezy, dont go all out and torture yourself, its not healthy! x

    • Thank you for this greatt answer. Now i understand that i played a stupid game. It was because i wanted him to think i am over him because he seems like he doesn't even miss me :D

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    • Hahhah thats a really nice answer. You are a pro in relationships :)))

    • you would think so but in my own relationship i am horrendous lol x

      Let me know how it goes when he comes back x

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