Fighting with boyfriend who is now longdistance over social media flirting and not being as into relationship as me... on verge of breaking up?

So I've finally had it up to HERE with my boyfriend of 8 months social media habits and other behavior. He moved a week ago to a different state, and has decided to follow/friend many girls that live in this new town, yes he may never meet these people or actually know them, but STILL. He puts flirtatious comments on girls pics, and I haven't even looked at his twitter or snapchat and to be honest, I'd be afraid to if I had them but I don't. I confronted him on this, as I thought as our relationship got more serious (I THOUGHT), he would stop this flirty behavior, BUT IT HAS NOT. He laughs, calls me insecure, says they follow him too, and it's ridiculous to fight about social media. It does seem silly, but his behavior is not exactly OK either! He has made mention a few weeks ago to being "tempted" a lot. I looked at him puzzled, and he said "BUT I WOULD NEVER CHEAT". I am COMPLETELY devoted to this guy. I don't even talk to other guys, and am not into social media at all the way he is. All the guys I am friends with on there, I KNOW personally.
One more thing... I will be in his state (but 3 hour drive away) in the next week for a weekend, and I have mentioned this to him many times. I brought it up again and asked if he would see me. He said "honestly I forgot you were coming. and would u really drive 3 hours for me?" I said "YES I WOULD!"
At the end of this convo, I said "I think we need to stop talking for a little bit". And all he said was "Ok, but dont get mad when I don't call".
Let me add that besides these issues, we get along great, we are like best friends, before he moved we would see each other everyday/every other. He has met my family&friends, and I have met his. He has called and texted me everyday since he moved. Today I just lost it and he said "wow you couldn't last a week".

I'm over it. He believes this behavior is acceptable but it's not. If this "break" doesn't make him realize what he's losing, then it's over.
I'm 28. He is 27 if that matters...
UPDATE: I really think this is an insecure and immature man. I think he is looking for validation from these girls to say that he is attractive. When in reality, he is OK. I've prayed for him to change, but nothing. He has said he's always been like this and sees nothing wrong with it. So meanwhile I've kept my mouth shut about it for so long, but I'm DONE.


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  • I think it should be over anyways.


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  • Girl when a guy accuses you of cheating is mostly likely they will cheat or have cheated and feel guilty about it. I say dump him because if he not giving a shit about your feelings he even laugh at you about it then its time for you to cut ties because he doesn't respect the relationship and he not really trying to you two work.

    • I don't think he has cheated, because before he moved, we were together practically everyday, and it was very rare that he was out without me. But yea that comment of his rubbed me the wrong way! No, I am not tempted, crazy man, by WHO? lol

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    • I think he needs time apart. Who wants to be the girlfriend looking stupid while the boyfriend follows multiple girls and makes flirty comments? I would never look at his phone, but the amount of time his phone goes off... it's suspicious...

    • See its best to break it off he has no respect for you anyway.

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  • for real just leave him.


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