The Split - Is it important to you how it is perceived?

I have 2 friends who have split after 20 years and children. One partner broke up the relationship and since started a new relationship but those that know the relationship will know that the dumped partner behaved very badly during relationship which probably contributed to breakup
Everytime I meet dumped partner they waste no time blaming the other partner for breakup and non reconciliation even though I know the history. They seem more preoccupied with having the high moral ground whereas I think they should be more worried about how parents behaved and the effect it is having on the children.
What I am asking is how others perceive any split important to you?
  • I do care and want to have high moral ground
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  • I have more important things to think about than what people think of any split
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  • Yes I care.


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  • What others perceive of your life might be wrong, because you are the ones to best know it yourself.

    But sometimes people cloak themselves behind 'having the moral highground' where the real problem is they are finding it hard to accept the truth that they made a mistake.


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  • You can never know the full details. Someone who runs away from a relationship and pretends to have nothing to do with the way it went can be a factor most people forget.

  • On a side note I thought you were a Mod here what had happened?

    • I resigned I felt it was too much pressure - I continue to report as much and help out newbies but just as a normal user.

    • Oh ok thanks for getting back to me

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