Breaking up with girlfriend?

I keep getting really mixed feelings about my girlfriend recently. Some days i really enjoy talking to her, but then other days i dont want to and dont want to be with her at all. It changes on like a daily basis. I keep thinking i want a boyfriend not a girlfriend more and more past few months and do want to be free of her. However i can't bring myself to hurt her like that cos apparently im only thing she has going for her. Also on some days i don't even want to break up, but others i do.

Im confused. Anyone got any advice?


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  • It appears, @randomhobo, that with a few Raised Red flags and 'Mixed feelings' of Dealings and demons you are now Feeling, that these signs are telling you that it might be best to take a break from her and do some serious soul searching.
    You have a 'Girlfriend' who you love on one end but lately, something inside is pulling at your heart strings to venture out and see what it is like on the other side of the pasture. Nothing wrong with this.
    However, First taking a break and doing some thinking, might make it easier to see if you are Missing the kissing and the history you both shared before jumping from the fat into the fire.
    If you do decide to break it off, tell her you are Not into a Real Relationship at this point in your life and you would just like to be your own straw boss to go out in the call of the wild to be this free bird but she will always be your friend till the end.
    However, if you don't find it is Any greener, please, don't come back with your tail between your legs, for This could happen again, and you would only be still ending up To... Hurt her over and over.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Honestly most break ups hurt, but I got lucky with mine because I wanted to break up with a girl so I judged her once so she just broke up with me and then when she came crawling back it was super easy to say fuck no!

    So you just need to tell her you don't want to waste her time when you don't want to be with her and that any feelingsuggestions you gad for her are in the past and will never return but you e noted your time with her.

    • But some days i dont want to break up but others i do. Its confusing/

    • Any mixed emotion like that means you don't like her enough to be with her

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