Do guys make girls jealous on purpose? How do I do the same?

I have a close friend and we've had on and off feelings for each other for the past 5 years. Right after he accepts my friend request he changes his status with his "open relationship" girlfriend (that I've known about) to "in a relationship". I'm guessing it means it's official now? Honestly it made a little jealous. Now I want to be in a relationship with someone just so I don't have to feel left out. Am I just paranoid? Do you think he would get jealous if I got a boyfriend?

It sounds horrible I want a relationship just to p*ss him off but I feel so empty if he is happily with his girlfriend and I'm just watching.


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  • Don't worry about him - this is part of the "composure" moment, where you wish him the best and don't look back (meaning don't go back to him).

    Find yourself a guy, but when your ready and willing. If you pursue a relationship for the wrong reasosn, then it'll fail - leaving you with even more of a void of lonely feelings (like what you feel now, just worse).

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  • wow, you need to get a life!

    Sure, get a boyfriend so you don't feel left out, hell, why don't you get pregnant too? I hear that's all the rage at the moment.


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  • Well I've changed my relationship status to "in a relationship" on Facebook to make a guy realize that I'm done waiting around for him to ask me out. I told my best friends beforehand just so they wouldn't ask what was up and whenever someone asked me about it I wouldn't answer or just say it was someone they didn't know. It worked because he kept asking about it and obviously got jealous. But then in the end I realized that if it took me to change my relationship status on an internet site to make him change his ways then he's not worth my time. I was with someone for 6 years so I understand how its pretty hard to walk away after a long amount of time, but it seems like he's not that into your relationship with you. If he really cared about being with you then he would make more of an effort instead of dating a girl and doing things to make you jealous.


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