His ex at his work issues?

My finces ex has a habbit of just dropping by his work or calling his jobs line if he doesn't pick up his phone after she calls him 20 times in a row for nothing at all, she knows he's at work and still does it. they have a son together but (Mind u at his work they can't have their phones) she sends him court papers to his work and faxes. She keeps doing this even after he has asked her not too. Its at the point where its putting his job on the line because of personal issues in his place of business. Morally its wrong for her to do this. She knows our address to send things to. Can he do somthing about this in court?
He has all her text messages. He pays his childsupport but she knows when he gets his bonus' so when that comes around she's straight up his ass. She leaves him 20 messages a whole bunch of texts. And she sends stuff to his work.


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  • He can file an injunction against harassment to get her to stop... clearly what she is doing his harassment and cannot be viewed any other way by the court.

    • it's just basically a restraining order... He has to be able to show and prove in what ways she is harassing him after he has asked her to stop.

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  • Yes he can and he should as soon as possible. I just went through this in my experience if this is not resolved quickly this becomes a bigger issue.


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