Is it okay to ask an ex to a concert?

I've kind of answered my own question because about 3 months ago I had an extra ticket to a concert and he called me up asking to go but it was already spoken for. I have another extra ticket to a concert of a band he likes and I wanna ask him to go. We broke up 7 months ago and we keep a distance from each other's lives for the most part (don't talk or text more than once a month) but every time we have seen each other at parties or such we have been on really good terms and he's even said he wants me to be in his life. I haven't talked to him in about a month so would it be weird to just call him up and ask if he wants to go? He was my best friend before we even dated so I miss having him in my life. I'm not looking for anything to happen because I'm not ready for that.


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  • It's OK if you can stand to be near them


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  • Just because two people Breakup doesn't meant they can't and don't Makeup and that it is Goodbye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who Still Marks an X in your own softie spot here, dear, there may come a time, down the love line, Where... I miss having him in my life.
    If you both are 'On really good terms and he's even said he wants me to be in his life,' then I see no harm in you both mixing some sweet music as even friends for now.
    You both started out as besties and with this a Real Relationship formed, and perhaps by going back to the past with Beginning your Beguine as before, this time around, taking it slow with the flow, you can nurse and nurture a nice mellow friendship that just may Reap you another chance at romance.
    Good luck. xx


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  • he said he wants you to be in his life, not like a bro or best friend
    Do not change your distance
    sooner or later your feelings will change. old flames will come back.
    not worth it

    ask for a friend , you can find other friends except him


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