Is it right to leave her?

So I just broke it off with my girlfriend jenny of 3 years. She was being disloyal I think. I told her about not getting the job I recently went on an interview and she painted future situations where kids we don't even have blame me for not having stuff and shit. She's like are you going to go back to school or get a job. No I thought I would just not work babe... wtf she expects me to be like the top bacon earner or some shit and hinted at leaving me if I don't provide a super life. She expects a "good neighborhood like park ridge where she lives. Only townhomes starting in the low 400's and taxes of 10,000 plus a year if you buy any house. I'm like yeah thats unrealistic and I'm not going to work my ass off for you and our future kids for you to leave me when I can't provide the standard of living Only 1% of America can afford. She always complains when I ask her to pay for dates. I'm not a Bank account. I've lost count of how many times I've paid. She bought like 3 times. It's not that she uses me for money. She doesn't. It's that she expects to be taken care of and I said I want a partner. Men provide we do it even when we don't want to. Instead of comforting me and being loyal she goes for my balls and makes it all about me me me. I love her and would marry her but she's keeping a running bank balence of her dream future. Is that totally fucked or no? Maybe women rightly expect to be taken care of and I'm just a baby.


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  • It's fine to want a luxurious lifestyle but what does she contribute? Does she work? Does she save? Or does she expect you to make that luxurious lifestyle happen while she just waits.

    There are women who expect to be taken care of (financially), and there are men who want to do just that. There is nothing wrong with that as long as both people in a relationship agree. I, for one, would not want or expect my partner to work his ass off, and I would especially not whine that he should make a bigger effort so I can have a better life. So I guess you two are simply incompatible in this one aspect, and it's a pretty big aspect.

    Regardless of all that though and what she expects, I find it pretty out of order to freak out at you for not getting a job. I agree she should be supportive as it's hard enough to find a new/good job and nobody needs their partner to harass them about it and make them feel worse.


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  • Well I would say you should give it a deep thought if you consider leaving her, I know she is not trying to be supportive or understanding towards you, there is nothing wrong in wanting a luxurious lifestyle but she must try to understand the reality as well and not everyone is born rich, even if her desire for such a lifestyle is practical and achievable and you can achieve it but she must it will take time for that to happen, which I don't think she is understanding.

    Have you tried to talk to her about this? have you told her it makes you uncomfortable and it hurts you as well?

    Sit down and have a discussion with her before coming to any conclusions


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  • You are a baby if your 45 and really writing this. I have never paid for one date my whole life and I am 44. It's how our age group dates-the men asks and the man pays. Once you are married then yes bills need to be split or the money combined. But the courting process is all about the man courting the woman. (In our age range!)

  • Is she contributing at all? If not, tell her to stfu. My guy is working full time and I am in school full time. We are considered as equally contributing. I pay when I can even though I have no steady income because I love him and want him to know that he isn't just some bank account. I don't care if we were in our 50's and not married; we would mix up paying for each other or going dutch. Not that one sided manipulative bullshit you're putting up with. "Rightly expect" my ass. We wanted equality, well there it is. Leave her and find someone who can and WILL contribute before whining so much!

    The nerve!!!

  • It sounds like you're being a lazy cheap fuck and she's been doing all the work.


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  • Yeah its a good thing you left her. Honestly, im a guy who beleives marriage is a partnership and not a dependense type of thing. Let her work for herself. Good jib man, youve made the right decision.


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