My ex wants to get back together with me, but I feel like he's just holding me down, what should I do?

So he wants to get back together with me, he sais I'm the love of his life and that without me he would die... know that he's 18 almost 19 I'm 17
I broke up with him cause I just felt that he needed space and he wouldn't pay attention to me, normal things a year long relationship boyfriend should be doing he wouldn't do...
Now he wants to get back together, saying that he was gonna chance ans that he regrets the way he treated me before...
I think I want like an alpha kind of guy, who will stand up for me and treat me like I want, nd someone who will wall by me and encourage me to do good, I don't have that with him...
I think I have given him enough chances, I mean fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me, right?


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  • ... And Three Strikes you are Out as well here, dear.
    You both Broke up for Reasons of the seasons that were turning into what I always refer to as a "Full circle problem pattern," where the same ol' thing goes around and around like a merry go round and just comes back to the same old spot with whatnot.
    In your case, it has showed you that Now, you have come to grips with what you Really want in a Guy and it doesn't sound like the skeleton you left behind in the closure closet.
    Sure, you could give him another chance for romance but as Smart as I think you are, you would be pulling straws again and in doing So, this Last one would have surely broken the camel's back.
    Tell him you are happy right now in doing your own thing. You are slowly finding yourself and Currently, this is Not the time to reunite down the love line.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much for the Vote of Confidence @2016victoria, for allowing me to lend a helping hand with this man.. Best of luck and my blessings go with you, sweetie. xxoo

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  • At your age, your freedom is more important than someone's silly ideas about ''not being able to live' without you.

    Go with your gut here--this WOULD hold you back, and you would eventually break up--soon, no doubt!

  • ok he says he wants to get back to u. i believe everybody deserves another chance... he just needed space as it seems.

    so accept, and if u see it won't go anywhere... break-up for good wid him

  • Trust your gut. You're both very young and honestly neither of you know exactly what you want, but if it doesn't feel right, walk away.

    • How do I do that without hurting him

    • Be honest and clear. There may still be hard feelings but postponing things or sugar coating it only makes things worse.

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