I decided to leave my girlfriend for a Man, way to tell her?

We have been dating for 7 years, and i am cheating on her for 6 of those 7 years. The reason i stayed with her is because her family is Wealthy, and they paid for my University degree, i was also getting frequent sex from her so i could have the best of both worlds, My boyfriend knows about my girlfriend, and said i should just get rid of her, but i am not sure what to tell her, i don't love her for 2 or so years. The sex is getting worse and worse and she is just an utter Feminist, with terrible views on Men, i am bored of pretending to be part of their family, and doign what they tell me. Should i just send her a letter.

We are both 23 if that helps.


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  • I really, really hope this is just a troll post. If not, I hope you know that it's incredibly cold and f*ucked up. No one deserves to be used, decieved, and cheated on to fulfill your ulterior motive. If you care for her or have any form of a heart, you'll leave this girl in the kindest way Possible. Geez, I wouldn't wish what you are doing on my worst enemy.

    • I don't like the way she and her family is treating me, so i feel no guilt. This is what Feminists deserve.

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    • *sigh* look, at the end of the day dude, I really do suggest and hope that you break up with this girl and disappear from their lives. You may not see it, but what you're doing is so cold and messed up. I can only imagine what your karma will be, but for now, just do something halfway decent, bro. Go be with your boyfriend and call it quits with her.

    • Too bad that Karma doesn't exist. I will end things with her soon, telling how much i hate her and her family.

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  • Don't tell her anything. She will eventually figure it out when she starts to smell the dick on your breath if she ever kisses you.

    Women aren't stupid, she'll figure it out.

    • How can she smell that?

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  • Just tell her you don't wanna be with her.


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  • with such women all men will turn gay eventually... .

    • Oh, i fully agree with you.

  • Do her a last favor and disappear before she gets pregnant or gets an STI from you.

    • Should i tell her the truth?

    • Just send her an text saying you're a sphincter and you don't feel sorry for being one.
      She must already know it.

    • Probably, and she likely doesn't want to shame her family. They are pretty uptight and traditional, i pity them to be honest.

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