Girls, Do you see why she broke up with me?

So there's this girl i liked for about 2 years and she never gave me a chance to date her but thats another story
so anyways i asked her why she wouldn't date me she told me it was because her parents were racist, she wasn't. one day she finally gave me a chance because her boyfriend left her and she was an emotional mess. i hugged her and left home (it was like 2 am we both had school) the next morning she brakes up with me over a text and says it was because of my race?

i wanted to make this short if you need more details i'll post the full story in the update section

More detail Her parents are racist, but she said she would try dating me and it went from there her ex boyfriend is racist as well and they keep telling her not to go out with someone like me. i don't know if her parents could have talked her out of it and her dad calls me "Spic" every time i talk to him or i'm on the phone he will yell out "Are you talking to that spic again?" Her ex The one that broke up with her calls me dirty spic.
She's the only one he calls me by my name in her family...


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  • need more details.


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