My girlfriend just broke up with me after 3 year LDR?

i need help
I don't know how
I don't know what i need
i just know that i need help


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  • I am sorry my friend. She has probably found someone easier to love, i. e. someone who is right there, right now.

    If she is not willing to stay with you through a long distance, and she goes with someone who is easier to love, she would not have been good for you.

    If it does not work out with this guy, and she comes back to you, kick her to the curb, she is not loyal, she is not good for you. She does not know her own heart.

    Cry it out and mourn, but do not obsess about her. She was not right for you.


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  • Well what caused the break up?

    • sth stupid , really stupid

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    • Damn, sorry...

    • okay thnx , i guess

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