Dreaming about my ex still?

1 year ago exactly, my ex and i broke up. We both decided to break up because it wasn't working out and it was the best thing for us. She went on to dating some guys i dated another woman. Neither hers or my relationship worked out. We met up on her bday and talked about iur lives about 5 months ago and that was the last time we talked.

This week I've had 3 dreams of her all of them us talking about getting back together. I dont think i have feelings for her. I do consider her special because we dated for 5 years. But why is this happening?


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  • I've had dreams about my ex as well. I was just as confused about them for sometime so when I decided to be friends with my ex, I understood. We had also been together for 5 years but things wouldn't work out but in those fiver years we were best friends. And my dreams were more so hinting to our friendship not our relationship. So maybe you're just missing your best friend.

    hope this helps

    • I think you're right! I do miss her friendship not our relationship. This helps a lot thank you for your comment. At least now i know this happens to other people too.

    • I'm glad I could help. Best wishes to you!

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