Okay be honest, how sad is this?

Sso pretty much awhile ago this girl I. Dated broke my heart, she was pretty much. Perfect, equally. As fucked up as me , loved the same twisted shit , a sense of humor that only we got, we ell when. She ended it she broke me to. The point where I use girls daily, trick them and I'm pretty much A desspicable piece of shit. I know tthats wrong of me but if I don't do. That I feel empty and that's hurts too much, I'm not asking if that's sad, I. Know it is and I'm evil I'm asking. Is it that bad that I got hurt so. Much. At my young age that it changes who. I am. Sorry. About the periods I'm on my stupid old tablet.


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  • You're 15 and playing girls boy watch yourself. No really though hurting people won't make you feel better about anything. You got hurt but that's life and crap happens. You can let it destroy you or build you. Respect yourself and respect girls. It doesn't have to be bad.


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  • Dude your 15, You went through what all men go through at one stage in their life.
    Just get your head clear, trust me you won't give a flying fuck about her in 5 years time..


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  • its pretty sad i guess.


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