What does my ex want?

hello I am in need of some help. me and my ex partner of 3 years split up just over 5 months ago now we broke up and never talked mainly cause of arguments over the break up so she went her own way and I just tried to get on with life well I couldn't this girl means the world to me and I just can't let her go. but as I say we never talked and about 2 weeks ago she started sending the odd text message here and there then she started mailing me over Facebook saying she wants us to get on and put everything into a friendship first so I agreed but I personally feel we are just a step ahead of that friendship. she phoned me Friday as I was going over to see her bros and sister. she offered to travel out of her way to pick me up then I had the offer to stay so I did and we shared the same bed well Saturday come same thing shared a bed and same Sunday but I don't know what is is feeling or what she is wanting its just confusing me we act like we are still together without the hugging and kissing and all that what does she really want


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  • Seems like she wants to be friends, but is falling into the old routine of your relationship. I have the same problem with my ex, our lives were so entwined, when we hang out we end up sleeping in the same bed and everything.

    Tell her how you feel when you hang out and tell her if she just would like to be friends you need to stop acting that way.


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  • I was going to blast you with some jerky ass answer, then I read what chica wrote below. It is pretty easy to fall into old routines. If either one of you isn't over the other, it's just going to end badly. Just sounds like you BOTH need more time apart. No reason not to be amiable towards one another, but falling into old habits is WAY too easy. You two broke up for a reason. Move on man, move on.


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