Very confused... Mixed signals?

Alright so my ex and I were together for 3 years and have known each other for 4. We went through everything together! My parents got a divorce and since I'm cronically ill I was living with them. So I moved 1 hour and 20 mins away. We say each other around 1x a month since he has a job and is starting collage. Unfortunately he doesn't have his license only his permit and doesn't have a car. So, his brother or parents would have to help me get back home we would split the driving in half. This was straining on our relationship. He broke it off... It never ended ugly. He calls me and says he still wants to be my best friend but the relationship was too much. During one of our phone convos he was dropping hints saying "I wish someone was laying next to me" or telling me personal stuff. I saw him in person (went to my old home town) (he initially said he didn't want to see me but called me and said he was right down the road). We met and hugged each other and was saying how he was glad that I'm okay and than went on to saying that he wants to bang from just seeing me. I was talking about my skirt and he touched my leg. We hugged goodbye and he kissed the top of my head. I wanted to have sex with him one more time but he keeps saying "I won't do that to you" or "we can't I can't do that to you". I don't understand his mixed signals! Please help!
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  • Yes, it's a bit confusing but I think he still loves you a lot, he cares about you, he thinks about you and most probably he wants to get back together but I think he is just waiting to confirm on his feelings, to be sure you know, so just give it some time and maybe he will himself tell you that he wants to get back together.


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  • seems he might want something more


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