I really messed things up with my girlfriend. How do I get her back?

I really messed up big time. Now she won't talk to me, respond to emails, messages, anything. She returned the key I made her for the apartment and left me a note saying she was done with me. However, we are having a baby and he is due next month. She and I have expressed being twin flames and that our connection is deep and unique. How do I get her back? I feel like I've lost a piece of me and for the last two weeks I have been having a hard time with everything. I know we're meant to be together but all of this waiting is painful.

What happened was this... I got arrested a couple of weeks ago for a DUI. I wasn't drunk. I took my anxiety medication but it made me very loopy and while driving I started swerving and a cop pulled me over and arrested me. Now because I didn't have the money to get the car out of the impound, her mother had to lend it to me. Since our relationship began last February, this is the second time I needed money from her. It happens, right? However, now she is worried I won't be able financially to take care of her and the kids. I will though. I told her I'd get a second job and do whatever it takes to take care of her and the kids. She won't listen to me and I feel like I've really messed everything up. I would give anything to have her back and she knows our connection is deep. Twin flames are always prone to drifting apart but always wind up back together at some point. I want to make sure of this though.

Can someone please help me? I was thinking of getting her an engagement ring to show how serious I am. What can I do to get her to respond? I really would do anything for her and I need her to see how sincere and genuine I am.


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  • Action is always louder than words... start focusing your job and saving money for her ring and the baby from now! She's not going anywhere with your child I bet but, you need to prove that you are able to look after her in actions not WORDS, mate!

  • Hold on... you paid her mother back yet?

    • Yes, I have.

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    • Ok well I suggest you go see her, take some flowers and a gift for the baby... I think you need to sit and tell her all of this, that you know you let her down (because you did, right now she wants this time of her life to be blissful and easy and stress free) and that you will do anything. Tell her how much you guys mean to her and that you will do everything in the world to be a good dad and everything in the world to be a good husband. See if she clicks on that you are looking at marrying her. That all there is what she needs to hear. How you prove it is up to you but taking a ring is not the best idea unless its a 'stage ring' (my boyfriend and i discussed that because he doesn't get my taste in jewellery etc and he wants me to love a ring when we get engaged he would use a stage ring and let me choose my own) you say below in other comments you are close to affording her ring so why not tell her once she has had the baby (no point in buying a ring until she has him as her fingers will be

    • swollen that you will go out as a family and buy one. it gives you another month of getting finances together at least :)

      a stage ring can be made from anything and the gesture will prove it all... It also means you aren't buying an engagement ring you may need to return, you can bin a stage ring :)

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