I just can't seem to get my ex-boyfriend off my mind. It's hurting me and holding me back.

In short, my ex and I broke up in September after a year, after being apart for half the summer and things just not going well towards the end. I still loved him, he was my first love, first everything and no matter what he means a lot to me; but the relationship just wasn't the same and I knew we did the right thing. The past few months have been really tough emotionally; I feel like I lost my best friend, and it's been filled with a share of sadness and loneliness. I don't have many friends, I have a few close ones but not a clique or anything. My ex has his core group of guy friends and some girls, and most everyone who meets him likes him.

I have dated several guys since we have been broken up; nothing "serious" (serious as you can be as a junior in high school) and I'm sure he has too. But I just can't stop thinking about my ex, wishing we could talk for real and work things out. The few times we have talked, I always say the last thing and he doesn't respond. I'm pretty sure he's dating this senior girl from my school, who's really pretty and popular, but until I KNOW for sure I feel like I can't move on for good. I still hold out that he might come back to me, because I've never gotten any real closure from it. The last time we talked, I wished him a happy thanksgiving and he didn't reply to me. Please, please help me move on for good.


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  • I hope this doesn't sound bad but you sound exactly like the girl version of me. I broke up with my ex after 2 and half years and just find it hard to click with anyone. I also don't have many friends and just can't get rid of my ex in my head. If anyone can help please let me know really want the same as you

    • Yeah it's hard to find someone I click with and get along with just as much; there have been guys I get along with and go out with but it's not something I want. Maybe I'm holding my expectations too high? I know it takes time to get to know and become close with someone; it's just that the guys I have been dating have not been ones I really care to be with.

  • I think you two are just shielding yourself from others. There are so many girls and boys out there, so you need to open your heart and not compare your dates with your ex.


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