Guys..Believe it or not?

Should I believe it when my boyfriend say "i don't cheat"

If so, why?

If not, then how come?


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  • Well here is where liars are mixed in with people who are faithful to relationships. Don't accuse him unless you know and you didn't really give enough info on the question to go on. I say look at his past has he cheated before? Has he remained interested in the girl he dated before during or after the relation ship? I suggest learn about him and judge for yourself if he is trust worthy or not.

    • Well..he said that his ex girlfriends cheated on him but he never cheated on them..and before we got together he would talk to me all the time and tell me he miss me...but now that we got together he don't really talk to me and rarely say he miss me and stuff...

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    • Oh..=( but if that's the case then why is he still with me and just break it off with me?

    • Well I don't want you to completely trust me because I could be way off because I would have to know what exactly you and him are going through. If he is busy that could be a reason. If he is just wanting alone time but is still very interested in you that could be a reason. No matter what I know about this situation I know it is best to look at every angle you can before judging it. What ever happens just try to do the right thing.

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  • If you're questioning whether you should trust him on anything, especially on something as important at loyalty, you should be questioning why you're in a relationship with him.

    • I never thought of it that way...

  • if he just randomly comes out and says I don't cheat then maybe he's covering his ass, but unless you have a reason to think he's a cheater then you should trust him


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  • what's the context?


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