Will he cheat or is it a joke? What should I do?

Okay so I've been with this guy for only like 2 weeks and we have already done "stuff" together but the only thing is that I don't want to have sex with him until I'm ready and he keeps asking when ill be ready and I say I don't know because I rely don't know so then he says he's going to "try" to wait for me then later he goes how are you going to have a relationship without sex and I said well there's more to it than sex and he goes well I need sex and its going to be with you or someone else...But then we kid around with that kinda stuff and we were joking wit it but I'm not sure if he's serious about it. so do you think he'll cheat if I don't have sex with him or do you think he's just joking? and he basically told my friend that all a relationship is about sex...so is he with me because he wants to have sex with me? I know I'm kind of paranoid but I just want to make sure he's not going to cheat on me or anything. But its only been 2 weeks and he already wants to have sex...so should I break it off with him or what?

His past relationship:

Hes only had 2 girlfriends and slept with them both. he has never cheated on anyone of them but he did sleep with both. honestly I think he's still in love with his ex because she got deported back to her country that's the only reason they broke up but w/e


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  • Woh, how did he arrive at being "ready" for sex two weeks into the relationship? That is TOO soon. The relationship is premature and you're both getting to know each other and try to build upon something. It sounds like he has one thing on his brain and that's a red flag. Moreover, if he respected you and your stance on waiting until you're ready then he wouldn't be looking for it or saying the crap he is. I would venture to say that he might be tempted to cheat since he has this "time line" for gratification.

    I am sorry but this relationship is off to a terrible start. I believe he is in it for one thing only. I would get out while it's early and find someone better. He is not worthy of you. There are better guys out there.

    The decision is yours.


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  • you need to leave this guy! if he is presuring you into sex after 2 weeks, that means that that is the only thing he wants from you. the more you give in, the more he will want it, and if not, yes he will cheat to get what he wants, or he will leave you first. find another fish because there are plenty in the sea.

  • one of my ex boyfriends made a joke about that. "well if I don't get it from you ill get it from her" (in reference to my best friend). considering its two weeks into the relationship and he's pressuring you like that, then chances are he's looking for sex. I wouldn't want to be with someone like that. and yes, my ex did hook up with my best friend. both of them are out of my life.

    eitherway why would you want to be with some whose disrespectful like that. : S


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