What does it mean when an ex texts you?

I broke up with my ex a few months back. And haven't spoken to her since. Then randomly she texts me. We sent a few texts catching up with each other. She sent a text then the next day saying enough small talk and asked me has anything changed in my life, I replied very little has changed then that's the last I heard of her. The weird thing she broke it off with a guy she just hooked up with before she sent me the texts. I'm confused does this mean she feels lonely or misses me or something.

I need to know because everyone in my are goes to the same disco on boxing day so I'm probably going to see her there and don't want it to be awkward


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  • The fact that she texted you out of the blue, then again the day after, means she's been thinking about you alot. She probably does miss you, especially if she broke it off with someone before she texted you asking if things had changed. When you said things hadn't, I doubt it was what she wanted to hear, and she just didn't reply. Sounds to me she's still hooked on you, and is hoping you feel the same way.

    But try just being honest with her, asking her how she's really feeling. It's a lot easier then trying to read her signs (cause I know how crazy our signs can be).\

    Good Luck!

  • Im guessing she wants you back. I suggest just asking her.


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