Do I pick the puppy out or do I prepay and let him choose?

My boyfriend wants a puppy and he thought I was going to get him one for Christmas... but I didn't.. I thought it would be best for him to pick it out since he knows what he's looking for...

guys would you rather her show up at your door with a puppy or would you want to pick it out yourself?


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  • I would MUCH rather pick out my puppy. Although if you tossed one at me, I would love it all the same, but still, since pets are such a big responsibility, I would want to pick it out myself, you know?


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  • Ask him for a date and lead him to the petshop as a surprise. Tell him that this is his present for christmas. A gift that you picked together has much more signification and is a great reminder of your love. I'm sure he will love it.


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  • Neither. I'd wait till after Christmas and rehome one of the 1000's of unwanted pups that people give away as presents at Christmas from a rescue centre. All the dogs will be vaccinated and neutered as a matter of course. Plus you'll be giving an unwanted puppy dog a second chance.

    However, if you are going to a breeder make sure you can see both parents with the litter, also watch how the parent's interact with their owners, and make sure all the pups are weaned, vaccinated and over the age of 8 weeks old before you take them home. Most puppy farms don't give a sh*t and will let you just pick the pup up any old time and refuse to let you see the pup's parent.

    Make sure they've been hip and eye scored, especially if you are looking at such breeds with a tendency for hip dysplasia and/or blindness.


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