Ex is back in town for the holiday. Should I get in touch?

About five months ago we split, and she moved to another city for work. The reason for the split was complicated and unclear, very surprising, but left on good terms. We've had no contact until a couple of weeks ago, which I initiated. Since then we've talked twice about random things like movies and books, and never about us or anything heavy like that. If Facebook is any indicator (I can't believe I just said that) she's not in a relationship, though I'm sure she's gotten hers. That's beside the point though. Is it appropriate for me to contact her, to see if she'd like to get together? I don't know if I'll even be able to, as I leave to visit my parents tomorrow, but it's more the effort I'm looking for, y'know?

Initially I thought I would wait for her to contact me, but if I want to why not just do it myself? Plus she's always been fairly stubborn, and not able to handle stress well. I'm pretty sure the anxiety and nervousness associated with initiating contact with an ex would be too much for her.
Ex is back in town for the holiday. Should I get in touch?
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