What can I do ??

OK so I like this guy but his taken he told me he likes me to but he can't do anything about it because he says he doesn't cheat. so a month ago he told me he didn't like me anymore then he told me a week ago that he liked me that he just lied to me. because he can't control himself from kissing me when I'm around him that he tried ignore me so he can forget his feelings towards me (throw back) but theirs something else his girl cheated on him about 3 months ago they go to different schools and he forgive her. they been going out for 2 years already. should I just forget my feelings towards him ?


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  • i think you should forget about your feelings toward him , because they go to different schools and she cheated on him once (once a cheater always a cheater) and he forgave her , if he really likes you like he says so , when that girl cheated on him he would've left her and gone with you , that's my opinion , hope it helps you :)


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