How am I supposed to act with my ex fiance?

My ex fiance and I have been going out for 2 1/2 years. She broke up with me because she thinks I can't be independent, and I have jealousy issues and anger issues. Its been about 5 days, I haven't called or texted her. She always texts me asking me "How are u" and we usually small talk. She still talks the way when we use to go out for example, tell me when she's home or when she is sleeping. Yesterday she asked me "If I wanted her to leave me alone, and not talk to me anymore on a friend basis" and I told her "Do what you feel is right" and she said "Well I want your opinion". I told her "You broke up with wanted this", and she said "Your behavior did this". Then I called her because that conversation couldn't be discussed from just text messages. When I called her, she was crying. She couldn't even talk because she was crying so bad. I told her to calm down, everything will be okay. I basically comforted her. I told her to be strong, and made a joke about giving her a tissue over the phone, and she kind of laughed. We talked a lot actually, she told me she wanted to buy me a 50$ present for Christmas, and I told her that's way to much since we are only friends, and she told me "I am much more then a friend". So she wants to get me a gift. I joked around and said stuff like "Oh well since your on your period you can buy me 50$ of tampon boxes and then ill send them back to you since you need them", and she laughed a lot, and she was sick so I told her to drink orange juice, green tea, and told her what to do to get better quick. She listened to everything I said and we talked for about 45minutes, laughing, joking about the old times when we went out, just overall had a great convo. She was like "Wow I see your perspective has changed in your life". I showed nothing but happiness but deep down I really wanted to tell her I love you but I held it in. She said she needed her space when we broke up so I have been giving it to her. She told me she still isn't ready to talk about it yet so I said to her No problem, take your time. She asked me if I had anything to say and I said yes but I'm only saying it when you you are ready to talk. So then today she texted me again saying "How are u" all the usually stuff. And I said good, etc. She told me she was getting promoted from her job to another location, so I said oh that's cool, she told me she didn't want to go, and she wasn't happy about the location she is moving too. We talked a little bit more, and then I asked "well wen did you want to go get the present" and she's like "Idc maybe Thursday" I told her well I maybe work Thursday so maybe Wednesday and she said "idk, well see k", so I simply said "alright'. I got her a Christmas card saying "Meet me under the mistletoe, then you open it up and it says "or maybe under the covers, I'm flexible, merry Christmas". Is that pushing it a bit much? Am I doing a good job? I haven't been pushy, I still show caring and concern for her.


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  • That card probably isn't the best idea considering your asking your ex fiancé to have sex with you when all she wants is space. If you are comfortable about being her friend that is where you guys should stay but never feel bad or hold back from telling her that you love her, it will make her feel like she hasn't lost a friend.

    • No no, I am not asking her to have sex...that is the last thing I want right now. I am not that type of guy who wants sex. I want her back...her love.

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    • Well the card is more humor.....what kind of card do you have in mind?

    • Something sweet like "im glad your here for the holidays" kind of card or "your the person who makes the holidays special for me" something sappy and cute

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